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Choosing an aluminium or wooden frame massage table

Master Massage 30” Bel Air Ultra Light Massage Table

In this blog post we will compare a random assortment of both aluminium frame massage tables and wooden massage tables. We will look into the different specifications such as portability weight, average sizes and price.

It is fairly common for those writing about massage tables on the internet to state that aluminium massage tables are a much more lightweight option when compared to their wooden counterparts. However, in our best portable massage table guide you can see that we compared 4 random aluminium frame massage tables to 4 random wooden tables and found the differences in portability weight to be fairly insignificant. It was for this reason that we have decided to look into the comparisons a little more in this blog post.

We will start by showing the comparison table from the buyers guide which compares the 8 previous tables –

Wooden Table Weight CapacityAluminium Table Weight Capacity Wooden Table Portable Weight Aluminium Table Portable Weight
551 lbs550 lbs 39 lbs30 lbs
600 lbs450 lbs34 lbs33.1 lbs
450 lbs600 lbs27 lbs29 lbs
500 lbs500 lbs32.63 lbs33 lbs

As we have already mentioned in the buyers guide “If we look at the 4 weights as an average we can see the average weight of the wooden massage tables is 33.15 lbs and the average weight of the 4 aluminium massage tables is 31.27 lbs”. When it comes to the weight capacities they are all fairly similar.


The tables we will be comparing

For this comparison we have chosen to compare aluminium and wooden frame massage tables that are each in a similar price range from high end to more budget options.

Please note prices listed are at time of writing and the prices may change in the future.

Artechworks 84″ Professional 2 Folding Portable Lightweight Massage Table

Aluminium Massage tables

  • EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Luna – $450 – 500 approx
  • Master Massage 30” Bel Air Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Massage Table – $370 approx
  • Artechworks Lightweight Massage Table with Aluminium Frame – $145 approx
  • Best Massage Aluminium Massage Table – $83 approx

Wooden Massage tables

  • EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Package Avalon – $415 approx
  • Master Massage 31″ Santana LX Portable Massage Table – $270 approx
  • Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table – $105 approx
  • Uenjoy Folding Wooden Massage Table – $73 approx
Table NameEARTHLITE Portable Massage Table LunaMaster Massage 30'' Bel Air Ultra LightArtechworks Lightweight Massage TableBest Massage Massage TableEARTHLITE Massage Table AvalonMaster Massage 31" Santana LXSaloniture Professional Massage TableUenjoy Massage Table
Frame Type
Portable Weight29 lbs30 lbs33.1 lbs29.8 lbs34 lbs35 lbs37 lbs33 lbs
Weight Capacity750 lbs650 lbs500 lbs450 lbs750 lbs650 lbs450 lbs500 lbs
Height Range24 - 34"23 - 33"25 - 34"23 - 31.5"23 - 33"24 - 34"24.5 - 34.5"22.8 - 33.5"


Portable weight

As we can see from the table above, the aluminium frame massage tables do appear to be lighter options overall.

The portable weights of the aluminium frame tables average is (29 + 30 + 33.1 + 29.8 / 4 =) 30.48.

Whereas the wooden tables average portable weight is 34.75 giving an overall difference of 4.27 lbs.

One thing to point out is that the higher end aluminium tables tend to be more lightweight and have a fairly good size overall. As you can see the budget aluminium table (BestMassage table) is also fairly lightweight, however it only has a width of 24″ so you would probably expect it to be lighter due to its smaller size.

The main issue with aluminium frame tables weights is when you are looking at moderately priced aluminium massage tables like the Artechworks massage table. You can see that, in comparison to the wooden table weights listed, the 33.1 lb weight really isn’t a significantly lighter weight. There are also a fair amount of other aluminium massage tables that weigh around the same (33 lbs).

Overall it is true that aluminium massage tables generally weigh less than wooden massage tables. However, it is fairly surprising that the difference in weight isn’t as great as some would have you believe when compared to wooden variations.

The Earthlite Luna Aluminium frame massage table, a lightweight massage table with a 750 lbs weight capacity

Weighing only 29 lbs the Earthlite Luna is certainly one of the best lightweight massage tables. It is about 4 – 5 lbs lighter than most wooden frame massage tables making it a stand out choice.

In addition to this, the portability of the Luna massage table from Earthlite doesn’t compromise other specifications such as size and weight capacity.

If you are looking for a very lightweight massage table the Earthlite Luna is an outstanding choice, however it is one of the more expensive aluminium portable massage tables on the market.

Other factors

You can also see from the table above that most of the other specifications do not vary a great deal from aluminium and wooden tables.

The weight capacities, widths and height ranges are all fairly similar from massage table to table. As you would probably expect the sizes and weight capacities tend to be larger depending on how much the table costs. And this is true for both wood and aluminium frame massage tables.

You will also generally find that the massage tables with higher working weight capacities are from more established brands and are usually considered to be much better in quality. They are however often more expensive because of this.

Wooden or Aluminium Frame?

Choosing between an aluminium frame or wooden frame massage table may be an easy choice for some. After all it seems fairly apparent that many consider wooden massage tables to be a bit more stylish looking.

On the other hand some may consider aluminium tables to look a bit more clinical and therefore consider them a better aesthetic choice for a therapy center.

For most, the weight of a portable massage table is going to be an important factor and it is probably for this reason that many look into aluminium frames. However, after comparing a number of wooden and aluminium frame massage tables, it does seem that unless you are going to opt for one of the more expensive aluminium frame tables from a reputable brand it may not be worthwhile.

There is no doubt that the more expensive brands (such as Earthlite and Master Massage) do a very good job of making lightweight aluminium frame tables, while maintaining other important aspects such as weight capacity and a decent width.

However, when it comes to lower priced aluminium frame massage tables you will often find they are not that much lighter in weight when compared to wooden tables of similar sizes and specifications.

Another thing to point out is how valuable buyer reviews can be when trying to find a lightweight massage therapy table for transportation. There are numerous products (both aluminium and wooden) that are labelled as lightweight options and while many agree, you will often find some reviewers that find the table heavy and awkward to carry.

With this in mind, it is worth considering your own ability. If you are fairly strong and able bodied then the extra 5 pound difference of a wooden table compared to an aluminium table isn’t likely to make a huge difference to you. On the other hand if you have had trouble transporting and lifting certain massage tables in the past (or have trouble lifting and carrying objects in general) then maybe the lighter weight of a aluminium frame table will make a massive difference to you.

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