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Using a travel cart with your massage table

When reading through buyer reviews for massage tables you tend to always find some users who complain that the table they have purchased is too heavy. This is even true for massage tables listed as lightweight.

It is also fairly common to see a wide range of users stating how lightweight they find the table to be, yet there are always some that disagree.

If you are someone who does have have trouble with the portability aspect of massage tables there are luckily some very handy solutions available.

Massage table travel carts and wheeled carry cases

A couple of the best massage table brands around have their own massage table carts available, both Master Massage and Earthlite have produced wheeled transporters that are great for helping with transportation of their massage tables or tables from other brands.

There are also carts available from other lesser known manufacturers. Unfortunately most of the massage table carry carts available are not very well rated and many find the quality of these devices to be severely lacking.

However, (as is often the case) the Earthlite branded cart is considered one of the best quality options. There is also a Alumobile massage table cart that is also a very good choice and we will look into these two options in further detail below.

Alternatively Master Massage have produced a fairly well rated Universal wheeled massage table carry case which is ideal for help when transporting massage tables with widths of 28 – 31″.

Some of the best options

Alumobile Massage Table Cart

The great thing about the Alumobile cart is that it has been designed to fit all portable massage tables up to a maximum width of 34″ no matter what the brand!

Out of all of the options on this list the Alumobile cart is the best rated and the most popular, with some stating it is one of the best products ever invented and a real energy and back saver.

The aluminium cart is very lightweight and weighs only 6.6 lbs so you can easily wheel your massage table along any flat surface and pick the cart and massage table up when climbing stairs.

The trolley features a 4 wheel base with quiet ball bearing wheel function. The extendable straps allow you to strap any massage table to the cart. Maximum table dimensions are 43 x 34 x 10″ (L x W x H).

Although the Alumobile cart is one of the slightly more expensive options available, it is clearly the best solution as you can see from the very positive reviews it has accumulated. It is also one of the more versatile options as it will accommodate the majority of portable massage tables on the market.

If you are looking for an easy solution to make you life easier as a mobile masseuse, then this great little cart is an excellent investment. It is very light, very quiet and a very effective way to transport your portable massage table without putting strain on your muscles or back.

EARTHLITE Massage Table Traveler Cart

The Earthlite massage table cart is the second best choice available when it comes to easy massage table transportation.

The Traveler cart features a telescopic handle allowing you to leverage the weight of the massage table onto the wheels while reducing strain on your back.

The frame of the cart is made from powder coated steel to protect against rust and wear. The wheels are also large and heavy duty to ensure for easy maneuverability.

The Earthlite massage table travel cart is suitable for the majority of massage tables up to 32″ in width and 73″ in length (36.5″ when folded). It can also accommodate massage tables that are packed inside a carry case even with filled accessory pockets.

Overall the Earthlite traveler cart is a very good piece of kit that is easy to maneuver even up and down stairs thanks to the big and chunky wheels. It is quiet to use and very strong and durable.

Many consider this massage table cart to be an excellent and very helpful product that is very effective for taking the strain out of carrying a portable massage table.

However, if you have a fairly large portable massage table the Alumobile cart above may be a better option as it is a more suitable option for tables with slightly larger dimensions.

Master Massage Universal Wheeled Massage Table Carry Case

The Master Massage Universal Wheeled Carry Case is suitable for use with massage tables from 28″ to 31″ in width and features plenty of storage compartments to transport any accessories with the table.

The Master Massage Wheeled Carry Case is essentially a massage table carry case that features 4 small wheels on the bottom. And it is one of the cheaper options out there if you are looking for a wheeled solution to transport your table.

Unfortunately there are a number of people who are not too enthused about this particular cart. The wheels are a lot smaller than on the two carts above and this makes this particular cart harder to maneuver and less stable than many would like.

On the other hand the majority find this carry case very useful and consider it to be of a very good quality. It is also a fairly cheap way to save the strain on your back and of course a much better option than simply carrying your massage table from location to location.

If this particular style of carry case does interest you we would urge you to read the buyers reviews before committing to a purchase as they are a little mixed.

Master Massage are a company that are often praised due to their high quality design when it comes to massage tables and they are a very reputable brand to choose. However, there are a few that are not completely sold on the quality of this carry case.

Overall though, it is a fairly good choice and a less expensive option when compared to the two carts above.

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