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The 3 best lightweight massage tables

Following on from the blog post Wooden or Aluminium frame massage tables, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the most lightweight massage tables currently available.

If you have read our previous post you have probably guessed that the top 3 lightest massage tables are all aluminium frame tables.

As we concluded in the last blog post, the higher end (more expensive) aluminium frame massage tables tend to be the lightest in weight.

Aluminium tables that are lower in price tend to be less lightweight and although they are generally still a little lighter than wooden tables, the difference is fairly insignificant. Below however, you will find one fairly light aluminium frame massage table that is fairly affordable (#2. The Master Massage Zephyr).


#1. Master Massage StratoMaster Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Massage Table Package


Measuring 30″ in width with a table weight of 25 lbs the StratoMaster from Master Massage is a very good professional massage table to consider.

When searching for lightweight massage tables you will occasionally notice that some of the really lightweight ones are fairly narrow. The smaller size is often usually the main reason they are so lightweight rather than due to the materials used. This one of the main reasons why the StratoMaster is such a good lightweight option to consider as it does not compromise on size.

In addition to the good bed size the Master Massage Stratomaster has 1500 lbs aircraft grade support cables ensuring an excellent 650 lbs working weight capacity. This makes this particular aluminium frame table a great choice for a wide range of body types and great for larger clients/users.

As with many high quality tables from Master Massage the Stratomaster is a very comfortable option and features 3 inches of small cell foam padding. The 3 layered padded bed consists of a combination of different foams to provide excellent support, shape and comfort. The padding is covered in CFC free black NanoSkin upholstery which is antimicrobial and abrasion resistant.

The Stratomaster comes complete with a ergonomic adjustable face cradle included and a face pillow which can be added to the cradle for comfort. The overall length of the table is extended to 84″ when the face cradle is added (72.5″ without cradle). Also included is a four pocket carrying case which can be used to transport the massage table and any additional accessories.

Master Massage tables are always very good quality and much like Earthlite massage tables they are always well rated and recommended. The Stratomaster is no exception and has some excellent reviews from buyers who love the combination of low weight and high durability.

Due to the excellent quality of this product and since it is one of the lightest massage tables on the market, it is a little more expensive than other standard aluminium tables. However, this massage table is a great example of getting what you pay for. A perfect combination of comfort, strength, durability and portability.


#2. Master Massage Zephyr Lightweight Portable Massage Table Package


The Master Massage Zephyr is a very good lightweight portable massage table if you are on a tighter budget. When compared to the Stratomaster (above) the Zephyr is a slightly smaller table with a 28″ width and a lower 450 lbs weight capacity, however this is reflected in the lower price.

As we have mentioned already on the page many of the aluminium massage tables in this particular price range (around the $150 mark) are not actually that lightweight (usually weighing around 31 – 33 lbs) in comparison to many wooden tables. Therefore this is a really good find at just 27 lbs.

The Zephyr is also a good choice when compared to other aluminium tables in this price range due to the 28″ width of the table combined with the low weight. As you may notice while browsing other aluminium massage tables there are not many that are this wide and this lightweight.

As you would expect due to the lower price there are other compromises such as the padding on the Zephyr massage table. The padding on this particular table is 1.5 inches of multi layer small cell foam and while this is considered a comfortable amount of padding by many, the other two tables in this list are more supportive and comfortable. Despite this the Zephyr is still a very high quality product as you would expect from the Master Massage brand.

The Zephyr comes complete with a face cradle and face pillow which extended the table length from 72″ to 84″ in length. It also comes complete with a standard carry case and a 5 year guarantee on vinyl and table construction and a 2 year guarantee on accessories.

Overall the Master Massage Zephyr is a very good portable massage table if you are looking for a lightweight table at a low price. It isn’t perfect and does have a few negative reviews, however for the price it is a very worthwhile investment for many.

Some feel that the table should be a little more durable and others are not convinced by the layer of padding, but many are very happy with the portability and overall quality. All in all there are not many massage tables this low in price that are this lightweight.


#3. EARTHLITE Luna Portable Ultra-Lightweight Massage Table

No top massage table list would be complete without an Earthlite product. The high quality of Earthlite massage tables always ensures that they are well rated and highly sought after.

The Luna from Earthlite combines the great padding of other Earthlite tables with an aluminium frame to provide a very lightweight 29 lbs portable solution. Much like the Stratomaster table above from Master Massage the Luna doesn’t compromise on size or strength, and boasts a 30 inch width and a 750 lbs working weight capacity, making it the strongest table in this list.

Out of all of the portable massage tables available, there are few that can combine such high strength and comfort with the lightweight portability of the Luna.

The Luna is able to accommodate a wide variety of body sizes and will provide great longevity making it incredible value for money. Some may argue that the Earthlite Luna is a little pricey, however it is such a strong and durable massage table that is so high in quality that many feel it is worth the price in the long run.

The Luna comes complete with a padded face cradle included and a carry case. Also included is Earthlites lifetime limited warranty on table construction and 3 year warranty on upholstery.

If you are looking for a very high end portable massage table then the Luna from Earthlite is one of the best aluminium frame massage tables around. It provides strength and durability with great comfort and size. As well as being excellent premium quality and very light in weight.


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