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Massage Tables Under $100 - Are they a good choice?

If you have a fairly tight budget when starting out in massage therapy, or you simply do not want to shell out too much cash to get your own massage table, a massage table for under $100 may look very appealing.

But is it actually worth considering buying a low priced massage or do they lack the quality and size you may need?

The first thing to point out is that when buying a massage table in this price bracket, you are likely to be looking at massage tables that generally have lower weight capacities and lesser widths than more expensive models. This however may not be too bad provided you do not have any larger clients to accommodate on the table.

The MaxKare portable massage table is currently one of the cheapest portable massage tables on offer

When buying a cheaper massage table you are also likely to find that the manufacturer does not provide as good of a warranty when compared to more expensive brands such as Earthlite or Master Massage.

Despite both these points you can find some tables in this price range that are very good value for money which offer a fairly good amount of quality for the price.

Lets start by comparing 5 massage tables that are currently priced under $100 to get a quick overview of the sizes and weight capacities you can expect.

Please note, that the prices listed are current prices at the time of writing and may differ in the future.


NameBest Massage Portable massage table - Burgundy/Black Best Massage Portable massage table - BlackMaxKare Portable Massage Table - BlackUenjoy Folding Massage Table - Black/PinkHeaven Massage Portable Massage Table - Black/Beige
Weight Capacity450 lbs450 lbs496 lbs500 lbs450 lbs
Length72" (84" with face cradle)73" (84" with face cradle)72.8" (84" with face cradle)72" (84" with face cradle)68" (79" with face cradle)
Weight37 lbs35 lbs30 lbs approx33 lbs27 lbs
Price $ (Current)99.9982.88


As you can see from the table above all of the budget massage tables can hold maximum weights of around 450 – 500 lbs making them fairly stable solutions. However, there is a fairly large difference in the table widths.

All of the low priced tables listed do come complete with wing armrests which can widen the table a few inches near the top. As you can see it is the two Best Massage tables that provide a larger width, so if you opted for one of the other 3 tables you would need to have a fairly slim range of clients.

You will also notice that the Heaven Massage table is a bit smaller compared to the other budget tables, it is however, a lot lighter so it is good for portability.

A very popular choice

Best Massage make some very nice cheap massage tables that are ideal for beginners

The two Best Massage tables are actually two of the most popular massage tables to buy and have a number of very good reviews and ratings behind them.

Due to their reasonably good width and because of the very positive buyer feedback these two low priced massage tables are a very good choice, especially if you are on a tight budget.

We have even included the 2nd Best Massage massage table (in the second column) in our list of the best portable massage tables as the most popular option.

If you are happy with a smaller width, then the MaxKare and Uenjoy massage tables are also very good options which are on the whole fairly well rated. They are also two of the most low priced tables you are likely to find.

However, considering the two Best Massage models are significantly wider and only cost a little bit more they are both more appealing low priced options for many.

So is buying a low priced table a good choice?

Depending on what massage table you opt for, a low priced choice can be a very good investment. Especially when just starting out.

If you have yet to gain any clients, a low priced table is a good way to “test the water” perhaps with a plan to buy a more professional and slightly wider massage table in the future.

One downside however is that you may have a be a little selective of your clients at first, especially if opting for a slimmer massage table. You obviously want to ensure that all of your clients are able to fit onto the table comfortably.

It is also worth reading what other buyers have said about the comfort of the bed area. When opting for a lower priced table you cannot expect the same quality of comfort you would receive from a more professional massage table due to the significant difference in price. Although you can generally expect fairly good levels of comfort which is good if you want to increase your client base.

When it comes to the quality of lower priced tables you find many are pretty content. Most buyers tend to understand that you cannot expect perfection for such a low price and their expectations tend to be exceeded or at the very least met. This is particularly true for the two Best Massage portable massage tables featured on this page.

The Best Massage Black portable massage table

What is the best low priced choice?

As you have probably guessed the Best Massage Black portable massage table is our recommended choice if you are searching for a “good all round” cheap massage table.

It has a very good 28 inch width and is fairly lightweight for its size. It also has loads of buyer reviews which are mostly very positive so you can be fairly sure that many consider this to be a very good quality table for the price.

The table comes complete with a hand pallet and a flexible headrest, it also conveniently folds down into a case making it easy to transport and carry.

If you are looking for the best cheap massage table the Best Massage portable black massage table is certainly one of the best on offer. We would recommend that you read through some of the numerous buyer reviews to get an idea of how good this particular table is.

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