Choosing the Best Massage Table for you or your Clients

Whether you are searching for a massage table for you to use as a massage therapist while treating clients, or simply want a massage table to use in your own home for when your massage therapist drops in.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best massage table for your needs or the needs of numerous clients.

Although many massage tables look very similar in design, there are many differences that make some massage tables better options for specific users over others (as you often find with most other products).

Size of the table

When looking for the best sized massage table for your needs some key aspects to look at are the table length and width. However, height adjustablity and portability also come into play.

All of these aspects are particularly significant if you are a massage therapist in search of a massage table to use with a number of clients.

If, on the other hand, you are simply buying a massage table for you to use personally. These aspects are probably not quite as important provided you find a massage table suitable for your size.


Here is a quick selection of 5 massage table lengths picked out at random:

  • 72″
  • 72″ (84″ with face cradle)
  • 73″
  • 72″ (84″ with face cradle)
  • 72″ (84″ with face cradle)

As you can see massage tables tend to average around 72 inches in length (6 foot). It is also fairly common for that overall length to be increased up to around 84″ (7 foot) when a face cradle is added to the table.

If you do have taller clients, or you plan to in the future, pay particular attention to if the massage table has face cradle attachment capability.

Luckily you will find many massage tables come complete with a face cradle included and these are perfect for taller users (6 ft +). On other models may have the option to purchase a face cradle separately, which may perhaps be less cost effective.

If you are in need of a massage table for taller users, it is best to avoid 72″ long tables that lack the ability to attach a face cradle onto them. Otherwise users taller than 6 feet will have their feet dangling off of the end of the table.

Table Width

As with the lengths above here are the same 5 random massage tables width measurements:

  • 28″
  • 30″ (37″ with armrests)
  • 30″
  • 30″
  • 23.6″

As you can see the width of massage tables differs a bit more than the lengths tend to. In general however, most massage tables tend to fall in the 28 – 32 inches width bracket.

For many, a massage table that measures anywhere between 28″ – 32″ should be fine, a table between these widths should be suitable for most clients and should provide the masseuse with easy access to the client from either side of the table.

One thing to note however is if you are not particularly tall, a table with less width may be more suitable for you.

Opting for a massage table that is narrower (eg. 28 inches wide) will allow you easier access to the client from each side of the table than if you were using a 32″ wide table.

Therefore a using narrower table will reduce strain on your back and reduce the need to stretch when reaching across the table if you are a little on the short side.

If you are concerned about using a more narrow table with wider clients, you may wish to consider one of the many massage tables that come complete with attachable armrests to add a little extra width without compromising your mobility around the table.

Portability / Table Weight

It is often said that the portable weight of a massage table is is determined by the dimensions, however if you take a look at the table below featuring our 5 randomly selected tables you can see it doesn’t really seem to make a great deal of difference.

On average portable massage tables tend to weigh around 34 – 36 lbs regardless of the table dimensions.

Generally massage tables with Aluminium frames (rather than wooden frames) tend to be more lightweight averaging around 32 lbs. However as you can see in the table below you can also get very lightweight wooden tables (Table 2, wooden frame, weight 27 lbs).

It is also worth mentioning that the weight of a massage table has no correlation to the price and you can find some fairly lightweight massage tables for a fairly low price.

Where available we have also provided the folded transport size of the massage tables in the below table.

If the manufacturer has not provided this information you can always get a rough estimate of how large the folded table will be.

By halving the total length and using the standard width of the table (without including the attachments such as the head cradle and side armrests) you can get a good approximation of the length x width. The depth of the folded table canister will usually fall between 6 and 7.5 inches.

Massage Table LengthWidthClosed Dimensions (L x W x D)Weight
172"28"38 x 28 x 636 lbs
272" (84" with face cradle)30" (37" with armrests)36 x 28 x 7.2527 lbs
373"30"not stated34 lbs
472" (84" with face cradle)30"not stated34 lbs
572" (84" with face cradle)23.6"48.1 x 25.2 x 6.733 lbs

Height Adjust ability

Unlike the table weight and dimensions, height adjust-ability will make no difference to how portable the massage table is.

However it is very important to get a massage table that can be adjusted easily to suit your height or the height of your masseuse.

Lets take a look at the difference in height adjustments by comparing the 5 tables from the previous sections:

  • 23 – 33″
  • 24.5 – 34.5″
  • 23 – 33″
  • 24 – 34″
  • 22.8 – 33.5″

Generally the heights on most massage tables will be adjustable between 23 to 33 inches.

As you can see from the list above there are tables that go slightly higher and slightly lower but this is the rough average.

When setting the correct height of the massage table it is generally said that you should let your arms hang by your sides and adjust the table to a similar height to your knuckles.

If you have a fairly large client you will probably want adjust to height lower than usual to compensate.

If you find you are having to arch your back to reach the client or are constantly having to stretch too much during a session the table will need raising.

Massage Table Weight Capacity

Having a massage table with a strong weight capacity is a must, for obvious reasons.

When looking for massage tables you may find that they have 2 weight capacities listed – the static weight and the working weight.

Static weight:

The static weight is determined by loading tests ran by the manufacturer to see how much weight a table can withstand. You may also see the load drop test weight listed.

Both of these weight capacities however, are not overly useful for the massage therapist and on many massage tables you will find these weight are not even listed.

Working weight capacity:

The working weight capacity is the maximum weight capacity that will be stated on massage table product page.

The working weight capacity of a massage table is the amount of weight a massage table can safely hold and is therefore an important aspect.

When looking at a massage tables weight capacity, you need to take into account that you will need a massage table strong enough to accommodate your heaviest client. It is also worth considering that as your client list expands you may well gain some clients on the heavier side.

In addition to the clients weight, you will also need to consider the additional weight you will be placing on the table while massaging the client.

Therefore, if you have a client that weighs the same as the recommended massage table weight capacity, it would not be safe for you to go ahead with the massage. Since the force you apply while massaging would exceed the recommended weight capacity.

Lets take a look at our 5 example massage table weight capacities to get a general idea of what weight capacities massage tables have.

Massage TableWorking weight Static weight
1450 lbsNot Stated
2450 lbsNot Stated
3750 lbs3000 lbs
4750 lbs1500 lbs
5496 lbsNot Stated

As you can see from the 5 random massage table weight capacities in the above table. It is unlikely you will have a client that equals the working weight capacity of a massage table, considering the lowest weight capacities tend to be around 450 lbs.

It is also worth pointing out, all of the massage table examples in the table are portable models. If you were to opt for a stationary model or an electric massage table the lowest working weight capacities would generally be around 600 lbs.

Massage Table Materials

Foam padding 

When looking for a massage table a high density foam bed or memory foam bed is the best option.

High density foam has a very close cell structure (small cells) which makes it a lot more durable, firm and able to provide greater longevity when compared to soft foam.

A high density foam (Small cell foam) padded bed or a memory foam massage table bed will keep its shape and form over time and provide good comfort to the client. Whereas softer foam is less likely to keep its shape.

Luckily many of the massage tables you will come across will feature good quality, high density foam beds and a quick read of buyer reviews will often confirm if the bed provides nice and firm comfort.

The foam thickness is also something to consider, however you will find most decent massage tables generally have around 2.5 – 3 inches of foam padding in the bed. This amount of foam is more than adequate, especially if the table has a high density foam bed.


Generally most portable massage tables will feature PU (synthetic) leather to cover the bed area. PU leather is a man made material designed to have the look and feel of genuine leather.

Although PU leather is not as durable as genuine leather it is durable enough to withstand many years of regular usage on a massage table.

It is also resistant to oil and water and can therefore be easily wiped clean and maintained to keep the massage table looking new for longer.

Frame Material

If you are in need of a portable massage table you will have the choice of either a wooden or Aluminium frame.

If you read around the web there appears to be a fair bit of misinformation about Aluminium frames. Many claim they are more lightweight but less strong than wooden frames, however as you will see below it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference.

The table below shows the weight capacities and portable weights of 4 randomly chosen portable wooden massage tables compared to 4 Aluminium massage tables.

Wooden Table Weight CapacityAluminium Table Weight Capacity Wooden Table Portable Weight Aluminium Table Portable Weight
551 lbs550 lbs 39 lbs30 lbs
600 lbs450 lbs34 lbs33.1 lbs
450 lbs600 lbs27 lbs29 lbs
500 lbs500 lbs32.63 lbs33 lbs

As you can see the weight capacities are all fairly similar regardless of if the massage table is made of wood or Aluminium.

From the table you can also see that overall Aluminium frame massage tables seem to be slightly less weight. You will however also see that the most lightweight massage table in the table above is a wooden frame model!

If we look at the 4 weights as an average we can see the average weight of the wooden massage tables is 33.15 lbs and the average weight of the 4 Aluminium massage tables is 31.27 lbs! Overall Aluminium massage table frames are a little lighter, but the difference in table weights isn’t huge.

With this in mind, the choice of a Aluminium or Wooden frame really comes down to what you prefer. For many a wooden frame is a much more aesthetically pleasing choice. Also there are a lot more wooden massage tables available on the market to choose from.

Price, Guarantee and Buyer Reviews


How much are you prepared to pay for a massage table?

Even if you are confined to a fairly small starting budget you can find some hidden gems in the world of massage tables. In fact the majority of wooden and Aluminium massage tables you will see on sale will likely be priced between $100 and $150 and many are pretty well rated by other buyers.

As you would expect, massage tables within these sort of price ranges are not the best available, however if you are just starting out as a massage therapist they are a great place to start.

Higher end wooden portable massage tables generally cost in excess of $200, up to around $450. Massage tables in this price range are mainly from very reputable brands such as Earthlite and Master Massage and as you would expect the quality, materials and padding are often better when compared to the lower priced massage tables. You will also often find more expensive massage tables can hold more weight as they are stronger.

However, just because a massage table has a hefty price tag it doesn’t always make it a hit with buyers. Many of the more expensive massage tables are very well received, although you will occasionally find some costly massage tables from reputable brands have fairly average buyer ratings. This is why buyer reviews are so valuable and should always be checked before committing to a purchase.

Stationary massage tables usually retail from around $300+, with the very top of the range tables often costing in excess of $1000. You will also find most electric lift massage tables are also priced over 1000 dollars.

Stationary massage tables are very robust and provide great comfort, however they are a lot heavier and obviously not intended for out-calls due to their lack of portability.

Guarantees and warranties

The guarantee/warranty is something you hopefully should never need but it is good to check before hand what sort of guarantee your massage table manufacturer offers.

Many of the more reputable brands such as Earthlite will offer fairly long guarantees, for example. Earthlite offer a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and construction components of their massage tables and a 3-year warranty on the foam and upholstery. This makes them a safe brand to consider and shows they stand behind the quality of their products.

Master Massage, massage tables are also backed with a 5 year limited warranty against craftsman and manufacturer defect, however this is often not listed on the product description page. You will often have to check the FAQ’s from potential buyers in order to confirm this information.

Master Massage also have a guarantee on the upholstery on their massage tables however the guarantee length seems to differ from table to table. Some have a 2 year and other a 5 year guarantee.

There are a fair few massage table companies who do not list any guarantee details and sometime you have to dig a little deeper to find this information such as in the product reviews and FAQ’s and even then you may not find any mention of a warranty.

You will find on some of the cheaper massage table models that there is no guarantee mentioned. If this is the case the best bet is to check the buyer reviews to see how others have got on with the table and if they have found it to be reliable.

Buyer Reviews

Buyer reviews are one of the main things potential buyers look at when choosing a product and they really do hold some excellent information that may not be available elsewhere.

Generally speaking, if you choose a massage table that has very good ratings from a vast number of previous buyers you should be fairly satisfied when the table is delivered.

Before deciding on a massage table it is always recommended to have a look at the reviews and look for any warning signs.

Best Massage Tables

  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Height: 24 – 34″
  • Length: 73″ (84″ with face cradle added)
  • Width: 24″ (without side extenders added)
  • Weight: 32 lbs (35 lbs with additional accessories)
  • Folded Dimensions: 36.5 x 24 x 7.5″
  • Hardwood frame
  • Premium foam padding
  • Upholstered with PU Leather
  • Flexible headrest/face cradle included
  • Carrying case, bolsters and accessories pouch and included

*Specifications above for black variation. Burgundy variation measures 28″ in width. 

With over 1000 very positive review the Bestmassage portable massage table is a very popular and well priced choice, especially if you are looking for a suitable beginners massage table.

This Bestmassage table package comes complete with lots of extras such as bolster cushions and an accessories holder.

One thing to note is that (like many massage tables in this price range) this Bestmassage massage table isn’t the widest, however the width can be boosted a little by adding the wing arm rests on the upper part of the table. You could also opt for the burgundy variation which is often available for the same price but is listed as having a 28″ width.

Overall the Bestmassage PU portable massage table has the look and the feel of a more expensive massage table which makes it great value for money. Many of the reviews state how solid and durable this low priced massage table is and even though the working weight capacity is fairly low (450 lbs) in comparison to other massage tables, many regard this table as a very sturdy choice.

The padding on this massage table is considered very comfortable by many users and also the table is a very portable option that can be carried around fairly easily by most.

If you are looking for an inexpensive massage table that is high in quality and exceeds expectations, then the Bestmassage PU portable massage table is one of the best massage tables in this price range. It is a perfect beginners massage table that provides great comfort and reliable results at a very fair price.

  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs Working / 2400 Static
  • Height: 23 – 33″
  • Length: 73″ (without face cradle added)
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 36.5 x 30 x 9″ approx
  • Hardwood Maple legs and braces, Russian Birch decking
  • 2.5″ Dual layer, CFC free multi density cushioning system
  • Upholstered with Nature’s Touch 100% PU
  • Adjustable headrest/face cradle included
  • Carrying case included, Lifetime warranty on frame & construction, 3 year warranty on foam and upholstery

*Various colors available

Earthlite massage tables are renowned for their great design and high quality. They are also some of the strongest massage tables on the market.

When you compare Earthlite massage tables to the more common $100 price range portable tables, you certainly notice the difference in size and strength. For example lets compare the Harmony DX to the very popular Bestmassage PU table above.

As you can see this Earthlite table is 6 inches wider measuring 30″ in width and has 150 lbs more working weight capacity – 600 lbs. It also features better and thicker multi layer padding as well as a very good, lengthy warranty.

Although there are plenty of $100 massage tables available that are very good choices, the lower priced massage tables are generally considered entry level tables for those just beginning their journey into massage therapy. A more expensive massage table from a brand such as Earthlite is considered by many to be a higher quality “step up” for more professional use.

At 30 inches in width, this portable massage table is a great choice that caters for a wide range of body types. There are a number of different Earthlite massage table variations to choose from which all offer similar dimensions and comfort. However, for the price the Harmony DX is in our opinion, the best value for money. It is also very popular and has numerous positive reviews.

In summary, any Earthlite massage product is always likely to be very good with regards to quality, strength and size. The company is also very respected due to their great customer service, excellent warranties and environmentally friendly approach to business.

  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs Working / 1500 Static
  • Height: 24 – 34″
  • Length: 72″ (84″ with face cradle added)
  • Width: 31″
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 36 x 31 x 9″ approx
  • Hard European Beech Wood with Hi-gloss Elm Colored Dura-Seal Protected Finish
  • 3″ multi layer small cell foam with memory foam layer
  • Upholstered Mountain Red color PU
  • Adjustable padded headrest/face cradle and armrest shelf included
  • Carrying case included, 5 years warranty against craftsman and manufacturer defect

*Available in Standard and Therma Top Variations

With a 3 inch padded bed that features 3 layers of foam, the Master Massage 31″ Santana table is a very comfortable choice of portable massage table.

In addition to this the Santana is also available in a therma-top option to provide soothing warmth and luxury to the client. The Therma top system features 10 warmth settings that provide a relaxing heat over the whole surface of the table top. A great way to increase circulation and relieve tension.

Master Massage are experts in making comfortable massage tables and you can see a lot of thought goes into their table design. The multiple layers of small cell foam provide a perfect balance of support and comfort and the memory foam top layer perfectly contours the body.

In addition to the comfort, you will have probably noticed the size and strength of this particular table is also very impressive. It is in fact on a very similar par to the Earthlite DX featured above, although the Santana is a little more pricey (hence why it is not our top choice for size and strength). The wide 31″ bed is ideal for many clients and the large 600 lbs working weight capacity ensures a strong and stable performance.

Like Earthlite, Master Massage tables are considered to be more professional products and are therefore priced accordingly. Should you choose to opt for a Master Massage table you are likely to be very impressed by the strength, quality and comfort on offer. In addition to this the mountain red coloration of the 31″ Santana is very stylish, making this table a great choice for a salon, therapy center or in the home.

  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs Working
  • Height: 24.5 – 34.5″
  • Length: 72″ (84″ with face cradle added)
  • Width: 28″ (37″ with side arms added)
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 7.25″
  • Hardwood frame
  • 2″ high density foam padding on table top / 3″ on face pillow
  • Upholstered in PU synthetic leather
  • Adjustable padded headrest/face cradle, armrest shelf, face portal and wing armrests included
  • Carrying case included

*Available in Blue, Burgundy and Cream Variations

The Saloniture portable massage table is one of the better low priced massage tables on the market due to its fairly good size. Whereas other massage tables in this price range tend to be a little on the thin side the Saloniture massage table has a very good 28 inch width. And with the addition of the side arm attachments the upper area of the massage table can be increased to 37 inches across.

The Saloniture is a very good table overall and many buyers are extremely pleased with its ability to tick all the right boxes at such a competitive price.

Many feel the design is very sturdy and the 450 lbs weight capacity is more than adequate for their needs and the needs of their clients. Many also remark upon the high levels of comfort provided by the 2 inch padded bed of the table.

Overall the Saloniture is considered an excellent starter table by many and has a good ratio of price and quality. It is however unlikely to be considered a great choice for more professional users. Which is something that can probably be said for most massage tables in the $80 – $120 price bracket.

  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Height: 22.8 – 33.5″
  • Length: 73.2″ (84″ with face cradle added)
  • Width: 23.6″ (Without wing armrests)
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 48.1 x 25.2 x 6.7″
  • Hardwood frame
  • 1.57″ high density foam padding
  • Upholstered in PVC material
  • Adjustable padded headrest/face cradle, armrest shelf, face portal and wing armrests included
  • Carrying case included

*Available in Black and Pink

Although the Uenjoy portable massage table isn’t without fault, it is one of the cheapest wooden frame massage tables available and therefore provides very good value for money.

due to the low cost Uenjoy portable table is a fairly good entry level massage table, although due to the width and the thinner layer of padding on this particular table it is not going to please everyone. Especially those who are a bit more familiar with using other (more expensive/better quality) massage tables.

However, if you are really trying to save some cash and are just getting started in the world of massage therapy the Uenjoy is a stand out choice due to its low price and relatively good ratings.

If you are fine with the table being a little more narrow than most other tables on the market then this is a great compact massage table to travel with, that is fairly strong and good quality for the price.

Also, if the bright pink color is not for you, there is a black variation available.

  • Weight capacity: 750 lbs Working / 3000 lbs Static
  • Height: 23 – 33″
  • Length: 73″ (without face cradle added)
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 36.5 x 30 x 9″ approx
  • Hardwood Maple Legs and Braces
  • 2.75″ high dual density CFC free cushioning
  • Upholstered in Natursoft vinyl fabric
  • Adjustable padded headrest/face cradle included
  • Carrying case included, lifetime warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on the foam and vinyl

*Available in other color variations

Earthlite massage tables are one of the best brands around and are often highly recommended for a range of reasons.

While it is true that appearance probably isn’t one of the most important factors when choosing a suitable massage table, a great looking, comfortable and high quality massage table like the Avalon from Earthlite is going to keep clients very happy.

In addition to the Earthlite Avalon XD massage table looking very stylish, it is also a very good size and a strong massage table, much like the other numerous tables from the Earthlite range.

When compared to the lower priced Earthlite DX (featured above) the Earthlite Avalon is fairly similar in size, although it does have a higher working and static weight capacity of 750 lbs/3000 lbs. It also features slightly thicker 2.75″ padding and is available in more color variations.

On the downside when compared to the Harmony DX further up the page, the Avalon is a bit more pricey. If you are trying to save some money the Harmony DX may be a better option overall, considering there is not a huge amount of difference between the two tables.

No matter what the model, the Earthlite range are a very good selection of professionally built tables to choose from.

Best Electric:

Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table – Flat or Manual tilt

  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs Working
  • Height: 17 – 36″
  • Length: 73″ (without face cradle)
  • Width: 32″
  • Weight: 271 lbs
  • UL listed motor operated foot pedal
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Pro Plush Deluxe 3″, 3 Layer Cushioning System
  • Upholstered in Natursoft fabric
  • Face cradle available (not included)
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years warranty on the upholstery, and 2 years warranty on the electronic motor

*Available in other color variations and Flat or Tilt variation. Different sizes also available

The Earthlite Ellora is one of the most popular electric lift massage tables available and has many different options to choose from.

As with all Earthlite tables there are numerous color options. However, with the Ellora you also get a choice of widths – 28″, 30″ and 32″. Since the Elloras lowest height setting is 17″ this means no stretching or straining should you opt for the widest option. You can also choose whether you would prefer the flat Ellora table or one with a manual tilt function to provide further range of movement and adjust-ability for you and your clients.

The wider height adjustment range of 17 – 36 inches also makes the Earthlite Ellora a good choice for clients who are perhaps disabled or less athletic to climb onto.

Due to the size of electric massage tables they are obviously not intended for portability and at 271 lbs you will be wanting to keep the Ellora in the same spot of your home or therapy center. Although the Ellora does feature a set of wheels to make rolling it around small spaces a little easier.

Benefits of the Ellora when compared to portable massage tables are that you can adjust the height of the table effortlessly simply by pressing the foot pedal. You can also adjust the height while the table is in use.

Unlike many of the other massage tables from the Earthlite range the Ellora does not comes with a face cradle included.

When it comes to ratings and popularity the Ellora once again proves what an excellent company Earthlite are. Many love this electric massage tables size and strength, and its ability to cater for larger clients. As you would expect the quality is very high and the Ellora has been built to last.

Massage Table FAQ’s

Some quick answers to some frequently asked questions regarding massage tables.

What are the dimensions, weight and weight capacity?

This is a question that always pops up on almost every massage table even though most of this information is usually listed by the manufacturer. However occasionally this information is omitted and if that is the case it is wise to proceed with a little caution.

Most reputable companies will list this information very clearly, after all it is very important! If you do find the information hard to come by you could try searching in the FAQ’s on the product page as this will likely have all the information you need. Buyers reviews will also often contain some of this information.

If a brand doesn’t list this information clearly it is probably worth looking at another manufacturer or massage table.

What is the table length with the face cradle attached?

Should the massage table you are looking at come with a face cradle, you may find that the seller has only listed one length measurement. Either the length of the table with the face cradle or without it.

The majority of massage tables generally measure 72 – 73 inches in length without a face cradle. When a face cradle is added the length is usually increased to 84″. While this may not be true for all massage tables, for the vast majority this is the case. If you see the length listed around 84″ it is with the face cradle added.

On average it seems most face cradles add about 12″ to the overall length of the massage table, so if needs be you can approximate the omitted length information by subtracting or adding this number to the length provided.

Is the upholstery vegan?

The majority of massage tables seem to use 100% PU synthetic leather for their upholstery which as you can read here is fine for vegans.

If you really want to be sure though, you may wish to look more into Earthlite massage tables as they are a very trustworthy environmentally friendly company.

What is the shipping weight and package size?

This information will be listed for each particular massage product page at the retailer. Often just under the product description.

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