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Using a Travel Cart with your Massage Table

When reading through buyer reviews for massage tables you tend to always find some users who complain that the table they have purchased is too heavy. This is even true for massage tables listed as lightweight. It is also fairly common to see a wide range of users stating how lightweight they find the table ...

Massage Tables Under $100 – Are they a good choice?

If you have a fairly tight budget when starting out in massage therapy, or you simply do not want to shell out too much cash to get your own massage table, a massage table for under $100 may look very appealing. But is it actually worth considering buying a low priced massage or do they ...

Top 3 Best Lightweight Massage Tables

Following on from the blog post Wooden or Aluminium frame massage tables, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the most lightweight massage tables currently available. If you have read our previous post you have probably guessed that the top 3 lightest massage tables are all aluminium frame tables. As …

Wooden or Aluminium Frame Massage Tables?

In this blog post we will compare a random assortment of both aluminium frame massage tables and wooden massage tables. We will look into the different specifications such as portability weight, average sizes and price. It is fairly common for those writing about massage tables on the internet to state that aluminium massage tables are …